The putter is the golf club that allows you to roll the ball, mainly on the green, to put the golf ball in the hole.

How to choose the right putter?

The putter, made of steel, is the most important and most used golf club in the bag. It is classified as a separate club because of its usefulness and its particular shape. The golf putter is the club that allows you to roll the ball, mainly on the green, to put it in the hole. The choice of a putter depends on several criteria: its shape, its weight, its length and the size of the grip.

The mallet head putter (in the shape of a circle) favors a more natural swinging motion. It is known for its efficiency and comfort.

The design of the head helps the player in his alignment thanks to a weight distribution very different from a classic putter. This distribution offers a better tolerance than the putters known as blades. This type of putter is known for its better stability and high performance on long distance putts.

The Classic or Blade putter (with a rectangular or flat blade head) is the traditional golf putter. More accurate than a mallet putter, it leaves no room for error when making your putt.

They are the most difficult putters to master because of their shape and their very thin heads. They are generally recommended for experienced golfers who are looking for a thrill.

What characteristics should I consider when choosing a putter?

In addition to the head of your putter, there are other features (below) to consider when choosing your club.

The lie (or angle):

This is the inclination of the shaft in relation to the ground. It is one of the most important parameters. The choice of this one is made according to both the size and the posture of the player in front of the ball.


This is the offset of the shaft that is further forward of the club head and allows the hands to be placed in front of the ball. In particular, it affects the direction in which a golf ball rolls after impact and therefore the dosage.

The insert :

These are plates positioned on the face of the club allowing for a softer feel, a good roll and better forgiveness especially on off-center hits.


The length of the shaft is one of the equally important criteria depending on the player's posture in front of the ball. A good aim will be better thanks to the positioning of the player above the line of play.

The main brands of golf putters

There are different brands of putters. Golf Land offers you a selection, which you can find on our website or in our Megastore in the Paris area: Cleveland, Honma, Odyssey, Ping, TaylorMade, Toulon Design, Wilson Staff