Which wedge? Which bounce?

Wedges are made of steel or graphite and are very open irons with a loft of between 50° and 60°.


These golf clubs allow the ball to be lifted very high so that it doesn't have much roll after impact on the green.

What are the characteristics of a wedge?

Made of graphite or steel, wedges are very open irons with high loft (degrees of opening of the golf club face). Wedges are necessary to allow you to put the ball on the green from a short or very short distance. Thanks to their different degrees of opening, they allow you to adapt to every situation, especially bunkers and rough.

There are different types of wedges for each type of surface:

- The Pitching Wedge (PW) has a loft between 44° and 48° and is ideal for playing on grass and getting accurate approach shots.

- The Gap Wedge (GW) has a clubface opening between 50° and 55° and is designed for grass play. However, it allows for higher approach shots with less distance.

- The Sand Wedge (SW), with a loft of 54° to 57°, is designed to get out of bunkers thanks to its larger bounce for a better club bounce in the sand.

- Finally, the Lob Wedge with a loft between 58° and 64° allows for precise approaches with very little roll after the impact of a golf ball on the green.

How to choose the right wedge?

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced golfer, the best compromise is the Sandwedge (SW) with its average attack angle of 56°, which, because of its versatility in bunkers or on the entire course (grass), will allow you to get out of every situation.

The second criterion to consider when choosing your sand wedge is the bounce.

A low bounce (between 0° and 10°) is best suited to a player with a fairly flat swing and is best suited to firm ground. These types of clubs are generally intended for experienced players.

A standard bounce between 10° and 16° is the most suitable and versatile for the playing surface and the player's profile. It's a good fit for bunker shots and grass approaches.

A high bounce (between 16° and 18°) is for players with a vertical swing, as it makes it easier to get the ball out of the sand. This Sandwedge is not recommended for grass play.

The main brands of golf carts

There are different brands of wedges. Golf Land offers you a selection, which you can find on our website or in our Megastore in the Paris area: Callaway, Cleveland, Honma, TaylorMade, Wilson Staff